Vacation Care Activities


Choose from the following themes.

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The Big Show.

Each group animate their own circus act as part of the Big Show.

Stop motion animation with animation stations and iPads.

Children love animation. My Stop motion activities utilise iPad technology and real stop motion techniques. The children create and star in their own animations whilst learning along the way. The children are first introduced to animation principles, entertaining demonstrations and the iPad based animation rigs. Next they are divided into groups and can begin their animations. Each rig comes with everything they need to create their animated scene. On completion the animations are edited together to form a complete movie which is shown on the big screen.

There is an option to replace the characters heads with photographs of the children’s faces. This will make them the stars of the show! The final edited animation will be shown to the whole group. It can also be uploaded to a password protected web space, where it can be viewed by family members.


What happens during the activity?.

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Ring  08 8261 5800 to book or click below.

Ring  08 8261 5800 to book or click below.




Jungle Adventure.

Each group explores a different location in order to retrieve an ancient artifact.


Ocean Worlds.

Each group explores and learns about part of the worlds oceans. Lots of fun, lots of facts and a little bit of oceanic mythology.



The activity runs as follows:


1.A brief audio visual introduction to animation basics is given, along with entertaining
             demonstrations and an introduction to the animation stations.


2.The children animate their characters on the stage to create their own mini story.
             Guidance will be given.

3.iPads are collected and the animations are edited together to form a complete movie.

4.The final production is presented to the children.

             The OSHC director will be given a unique URL and password, where the movie can be
             viewed online.

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