The current range of animation themes.

Coming soon

The Big Show.

Animate circus acts as part of the Big Show.

Jungle Adventure.

Explore different jungle locations in order to retrieve an ancient artifact.

Ocean Worlds.

Explore and learn about the world's oceans. Lots of fun, lots of facts and a little bit of oceanic mythology.

Solar System Adventure.

Explore and learn about our solar system.

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Curriculum alignment

Stop motion animation with animation stations
and iPads

Animation has been around for a long time. How long? It's difficult to say. Perhaps since the appearance of the first optical toys during the early part of the 19th century. Perhaps millennia earlier in the form of figures painted in sequence on the columns of an Egyptian temple. Today it is more popular than ever; not only as a form of entertainment, but  as an audio visual device to inform, explain and persuade. Animation is set to be one of the primary communication methods of the foreseeable future.


What is it?

A fun and engaging incursion activity that has been carefully designed to allow students to quickly and easily make short animated stories using digital technology and 2D stop motion puppetry.


How does it run?

Everything required to run the activity will be bought to your school and set up in a classroom or other suitable space.

We begin with a talk. What is animation? How does it work? When was it invented? How is it created? What is it used for? The talk is supported by visuals, examples and demonstrations for which we will require volunteers.

Next the children are introduced to their animation stations. Working in groups of two or three they will first collaborate to plan and storyboard before commencing with their animations. The students create the animations with pre-made collections of characters and props. There are a number of different themes to choose from.

Upon completion the animations will be collected and edited together to form a single movie that will be left with the class.


Each session will require a 1h 20m block plus 20m non contact time to edit the final results into a single movie for the class to keep. Prices for sessions over a single day:


A single session day:


Double session day:



Discounts available for multiple day bookings.

A single session can facilitate up to 36 children working in groups of up to three.

In addition to teaching about animation as a technique and culturally significant form of media, art and communication, the activity addresses several areas of the Australian Curriculum.

Digital Technologies

Media Arts

Theme Specific

Digital Technologies


Years 1-2

Recognise and explore digital systems (hardware and software components) for a purpose.


By the end of Year 2

By the end of Year 2, students identify how common digital systems (hardware and software) are used to meet specific purposes.


Years 3-4

Identify and explore a range of digital systems with peripheral devices for different purposes, and transmit different types of data.

Recognise different types of data and explore how the same data can be represented in different ways.

Plan, create and communicate ideas and information independently and with others, applying agreed ethical and social protocols.


By the end of year 4

Students describe how a range of digital systems (hardware and software) and their peripheral devices can be used for different purposes.


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Years 1-2

Explore ideas, characters and settings in the community through stories in images, sounds and text.

Use media technologies to capture and edit images, sounds and text for a purpose.

Create and present media artworks that communicate ideas and stories to an audience.


By the end of Year 2

Students make and share media artworks using story principles, composition, sound and technologies.


Years 3-4

Use media technologies to create time and space through the manipulation of images, sounds and text to tell stories.

Plan, create and present media artworks for specific purposes with awareness of responsible media practice.


By the end of Year 4

Students collaborate to use story principles, time, space and technologies to make and share media artworks that communicate ideas to an audience.


Years 5-6

Develop skills with media technologies to shape space, time, movement and lighting within images, sounds and text.

Plan, produce and present media artworks for specific audiences and purposes using responsible media practice.


By the end of Year 6

Students work collaboratively using technologies to make media artworks for specific audiences and purposes using story principles to shape points of view and genre conventions, movement and lighting.


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A cross-curricular approach

Curriculum aligned animation themes facilitate cross-curricular learning. In addition to addressing areas of digital technologies and media arts. Themes can provide learning in additional curriculum areas.


The Solar System Adventure theme  (Available soon) is an exciting and fun way to learn about our own solar system whilst creating an informative animation that can be kept, watched and displayed by the class.



The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun)


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1.An audio visual introduction to animation basics is given, along with entertaining
             demonstrations and instructions on how to use the animation stations.


What happens during the activity?




30 min

2.The children animate their characters on the stage to create their own mini story.
             Guidance will be given.



45 min

3.Once the session has finished I will edit the animations together and deliver a final movie file
             on USB storage.
Please note: this will be non-contact time.



20 min

             The teacher will also be given a unique URL and password, allowing the movie to be
             viewed online.


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